Clear aligners use a durable and comfortable construction that can keep up with even the busiest teen. They feature a lightweight, contoured design that lets your teen enjoy more smiles throughout treatment.

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What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are one of the most important advances in orthodontic technology. These sleek and low-profile appliances don’t require the visible metal bands, wires, or brackets that braces use. Instead, they use a series of custom-generated aligner trays to gradually reposition your teen’s smile.

These aligners are designed to allow your teens to enjoy a much more comfortable treatment. All they need to do is wear their aligners for 20-22 hours every day to transform their smile. Then, every 7-10 days, they need to switch out the aligner for the next one in the series.

As Mobile’s premier destination for clear aligner treatment, you can be confident that we will design a smile for your teen that lasts a lifetime. Drs. Harvey and Thomas are board-certified professionals who understand how to get the most out of aligner therapy.


Benefits of Clear Aligners For Teens

Investing in your teen’s orthodontic health is always a smart decision. An improperly aligned bite can cause food to become lodged in between your teen’s teeth. As this food debris accumulates, it can cause plaque and cavities to develop in their mouth.

One of the main reasons for starting treatment is to avoid costly dental procedures down the road. Even if you have excellent dental hygiene, a misaligned bite can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems. A bad bite can also lead to jaw misalignments, speech problems, and chronic headaches.

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Common benefits of clear aligners include:

  • A transparent design that blends into their mouth
  • Fewer trips to the orthodontist 
  • Easier to maintain oral hygiene 
  • Enhanced comfort during treatment 
  • Fewer restrictions on food or drink

While there’s no shortage of advantages to choosing clear aligners for teens, the main one is that they free your child up to enjoy their adolescence without worrying about visible appliances. All of their special moments like homecoming, prom, or graduation will include the natural beauty of their entire smile.

Types of Clear Aligners For Teens

At Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics, we use only the very best and most advanced technology for our patients, including:

Spark™ Aligners

These innovative aligners are made with a patented blend of high-quality materials that provide a better, more predictable alignment treatment. They use TruGEN™technology for a more comfortable experience that prioritizes the wearer’s comfort.

uLab Systems

uLab Clear Aligners use state-of-the-art digital imaging technology to correct your bite. Orthodontists favor these aligners because they are made in the USA and allow for a more precise treatment than other popular clear aligner options.

Will Aligners for Teens
Work For Your Child?

No two people have the exact same needs. However, clear aligners are one of the most versatile appliances that can work for mild to moderate bite problems. More severe occlusions may require Damon Braces or Damon Clear Ceramic Braces

It is impossible to know whether or not your teen is a candidate for aligners without an orthodontic consultation. During your complimentary consultation Drs. Harvey and Thomas will examine your child’s mouth and take diagnostic records. Then they will learn about your teen’s goals and find the best treatment plan for their lifestyle and goals.

Getting results with aligners requires the expertise of a professional who understands how aligners work. We have years of expertise in perfecting smiles with aligners.

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