What Is InBrace?

InBrace is a next-generation dental system that has revolutionized the way that orthodontists across the country are able to help patients straighten their teeth for a new and healthier smile. With InBrace in Mobile, Brewton, and Saraland, AL, the process is made infinitely more accessible and more comfortable than teeth straightening has ever been before. Plus—using its innovative Gentleforce™ and Smartwire® technology—the braces are custom-designed for your unique smile and don’t require any manual tightenings!

How InBrace Works

InBrace in Mobile, Brewton, and Saraland, AL, involves an advanced and streamlined three-step process entirely different and unique from any standard braces treatment that you may be accustomed to. It all begins with the Toothprint™ process of scanning your teeth with our top-of-the-line 3D imaging technology to create a detailed rendering that Drs. Harvey and Thomas can then use to design, personalize, and create your InBrace Smartwire braces. Finally, your uniquely-customized Smartwire braces will be fitted to your teeth so that your orthodontic treatment can officially begin!

Benefits of InBrace

You may have already caught a few of the benefits of InBrace mentioned above, but that’s far from the end of the list. Besides being wildly comfortable and easy to wear, the treatment process is much faster than more traditional braces. Most patients are able to achieve the quality results they’re looking for in an average of six months!
Moreover—since InBrace requires no manual tightening appointments—you’ll be free from the burden of constant appointments, and any check-ups that you do need will be faster than ever before. And if you’re considering InBrace in Mobile, Brewton, and Saraland, AL, there are no orthodontists better qualified to handle the task than our outstanding Drs. Harvey and Thomas.

With InBrace’s Gentleforce™ and Smartwire® technology, you’ll also be able to:

Feel An Instant Boost to Your Confidence

Your Smartwire braces are fitted comfortably and discretely to the back of your teeth. As such, they are completely hidden and unnoticeable to others, allowing you to keep your confidence while going through the treatment—you may even forget you’re wearing them yourself! Plus, you may even begin to see the results of InBrace in as little as two weeks.

With InBrace in Mobile, Brewton, and Saraland, AL, you’ll be smiling into the mirror every chance you get!

Have More Time

Life can be hectic, and those in more interpersonal careers may find it challenging to stay on top of their game with traditional braces and the routine adjustment appointments that are needed to make them successful. But thanks to InBrace treatment, you won’t have to deal with any more stress and scheduling than you already do—letting you focus on the things that matter most, all while your Smartwire is running on autopilot behind the scenes.

Eat and Drink Whatever You’d Like

No messy trays, fragile elastic bands, or tough-to-clean wires means that you can indulge in all your favorite snacks and drinks whenever you want—wherever you want. Your InBrace Smartwires are fitted flush against your teeth, so you’ll never have to worry about damaging them with tough foods or deep-cleaning them after chewier, stickier foods—your usual oral hygiene routine will do the trick!

InBrace FAQ

If you have any questions about InBrace in Mobile, Brewton, and Saraland, AL, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call here at Harvey & Thomas Orthodontics. One of our friendly orthodontic specialists will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

Below are a few of our most frequently asked InBrace questions: