Invisalign for Teens: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Most people find Invisalign preferably to traditional braces for a wide range of different reasons. Not only does it work out to be just about the same cost as traditional braces, but the treatment itself is far more comfortable. Rather than dealing with a mouth full of brackets and metal wires for up to two years (that everyone around you can always see, by the way) you get to wear a series of clear plastic aligners that are as discreet as they are comfortable.

Invisalign also brings with it a number of unique benefits for teens in particular that are certainly worth a closer look.

Better Hygiene, Better Results

One of the most common questions that teens have before experimenting with Invisalign is usually some variation of "how do I clean my aligners?"

Luckily, the answer to that is a straightforward one. All you have to do is remove your aligners during meals, brush your teeth (and be sure to floss), ad then put the aligners back in.

As far as cleaning the aligners themselves are concerned, you can also use the Invisalign Cleaning System. It comes complete with cleaning crystals that will make sure your aligners are as fresh as possible before putting them back into your mouth.

Along the same lines, it's important to understand that you can absolutely eat and drink while going through Invisalign treatments. If you're going to eat, however, it's important to take your aligners out of your mouth FIRST.

However, you can certainly drink water without taking the aligners out of your mouth. If you're going to drink soda or some other type of sugary liquid, you should either use a straw (to make sure that the liquid bypasses the aligners altogether) or remove the aligners before you do.

Removing your aligners while eating goes a long way towards preventing the type of damage that could be caused by the choices of food that you eat. It also goes a long way towards saving on the costs associated with maintenance, too.

Is Having an Active Lifestyle Possible with Invisalign?

Of course! The vast majority of all people do not find any changes to their lifestyle at all when wearing Invisalign. You do, however, need to keep a few key things in mind.

For starters, your aligners can and SHOULD be removed during sports. This is especially true if you're playing a full contact sport, like football. During those times, you must still wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth, of course. Likewise, you should put your trays back into your mouth soon after the end of the game.

The Advantages of Invisalign

Maybe the biggest advantage that comes with Invisalign is the fact that treatment is complete up to two times faster when compared to traditional braces. Most people only wear Invisalign for about 12 months, although that can obviously vary depending on the situation.

Many people also enjoy the convenience of Invisalign - meaning that not only are they comfortable and discreet in appearance, but the trays themselves can also be easily removed whenever the situation calls for it.

Finally, Invisalign is a virtually painless form of treatment - especially when compared to traditional braces. All of this comes together to form maybe the best possible option for most people. It also works out to be about the same cost of traditional braces, too, so there really is no reason NOT to consider Invisalign if you're a teen or a parent.

Take the first steps toward a perfect smile.
Take the first steps toward a perfect smile.